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Yes! I'd love to get access to Damian Taylor's Online Studio Beta in The Complete Producer Network so that I can hang out on sessions, take part in discussions and hot seats with Damian, and build my network of friends, colleagues, and collaborators around the world. It's gonna be great!

I understand that Damian's online studio is access to his real world studio and real world work via the internet. And because it's in the real world and involving Damian's real work, I understand that based on his clients' requirements, the time zone they are working in, Damian will not be able to stream every session he does and that the schedule is subject to change. I understand Damian will always strive to provide as consistent a schedule as possible for our live discussions and hot seat sessions, and that the music production streams will natually ebb and flow over time.

I also understand that, just like in a real world studio, Damian's production streams are only for the eyes and ears of people in the room, virtually or physically. I won't record, reproduce, or otherwise share any music from Damian's sessions without prior consent from Damian or his team.

Above all, I understand that Damian's online studio is my window into the real world, real time process of a world-class studio professional. It's not a course! It's my chance to absorb and learn in a fundamentally different context to formal or structured education.

I understand that the discounted beta rate of $47 per month will remain locked in as long as I keep my subscription active, but that if my subscription lapses and I want to join the studio again, I'll rejoin at the current market rates for new members.

If I am unsatisfied or otherwise need to end my membership of Damian's online studio, I will be able to cancel my monthly subscription at any time. Damian and his team will be happy to make this easy for me. In that case, I will still have access to the online studio until the end of the month I've already paid for.

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